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Name:Wellington Womble
Birthdate:Mar 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
'Wellington was the smallest and the most shy of the working Wombles and he spent most of his time in the library. He wore large round spectacles and, although he had shown great bravery in past Womble difficulties, he still couldn't get over the habit of apologising a lot of the time.'The Wombles at Work, p41

A Womble? What the heck is a Womble?
The Wombles are a small, intelligent, probably mammalian species that live underground and collect rubbish left by the Human Beings. Their height is inconsistent in canon, but is somewhere between two and four feet tall depending on which picture you look at (six feet in the case of the pop group outside of book and tv canon). Wellington can be assumed in this case to be about two and a half feet tall. They are covered in grey-white fur over their backs, arms and on top of their heads, with a white chest and black around the neck. Their faces and front paws (five fingers) are brown-orange with a round black nose, shaped a little like a fox's with ears like a spaniel. Some wombles have facial hair.
Baby Wombles are raised in the Womblegarton by Miss Adelaide, and when they are old enough to work they go to Great Uncle Bulgaria, who is in charge of the burrow, to pick themselves a name from his atlas.

Wellington himself has a blue and black schoolboy-like hat with a W on the front, and wears glasses. He has blue eyes.

So what do they do with all the rubbish?
Wombles are ecofriendly beings, who aim to reuse or recycle whatever they can, and if this is impossible at least put it somewhere where nature cannot be harmed by it. Wellington later invents a compound that can dissolve plastic, but he hasn't got that far yet.

Do Wombles and humans get on?
Wombles live symbiotically with humans, in that human waste provides them with food and tools whilst they clean up the environment for humans. However Wombles are, as a rule, shy and secretive of humans. If they have to go out in public, they put on a big coat and hat and try to pass as a short man with facial hair.
Astonishingly, this usually seems to work.
However, providing that there is no danger of sparking a Great Womble Hunt, there is no reason why Wombles and humans cannot interact. They speak the same language and share resources.

Wellington Womble is the property of Elisabeth Beresford and is taken from The Wombles at Work or any other Womble canon. He is being used here for role playing purposes in [info]milliways_bar by [info]bigfluffball from which no profit is being made.
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